Sempra and its operating companies consider engaging with policymakers to be an important and necessary part of doing business. 太阳2平台监督数百项拟议的法律, 规则, 法规和政策, 并与联邦政府接触, 状态, and local levels of government to ensure that the perspectives of our company, 太阳2平台的股东, 太阳2平台的客户, 太阳2平台的员工在立法者和监管者面前都有代表. 当的, we also take positions for or against proposals and sometimes suggest amendments as part of the public policy process. 在美国境外经营时.S., our company complies with all applicable laws and is committed to acting in an ethical manner when conducting business.


We believe that our business — which includes natural gas infrastructure as well as various renewable resources and emerging technologies — will play a critical role in the transition to a lower-carbon energy system. The Sempra family of companies engage in direct and indirect lobbying activities at the federal, 状态, and local levels of government consistent with our commitment to creating long-term, 可持续的价值, including the important role our infrastructure plays in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe that our direct lobbying activities align with the relevant policies of the legislative and regulatory jurisdictions in which we operate (such as California’s goal to achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality by 2045 and the U.S. EPA’s methane 规则) and important global multi-lateral collaborations, including the Paris Agreement’s goals of limiting average global warming to well below 2°C above preindustrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C.i

例如, we believe that our direct engagement regarding California legislation promoting the in-状态 production and distribution of biomethane as a practical step toward furthering the 状态’s greenhouse gas and short-lived climate pollutant reduction goals aligns with the Paris Agreement because it could enable emissions reductions in transportation and agriculture, 哪些是氮氧化物和甲烷排放的来源, 分别. See our response to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire for more detail on how our direct and indirect lobbying on topics related to the energy transition demonstrate the foregoing.


Sempra and its operating companies are members of several trade associations focused on the important business and technical issues of our industry and the interests of our stakeholders. 一般来说, 这些联系使太阳2平台能够了解他人的观点, 获取反馈, 最终, voice our perspectives on proposed legislation and regulations in an educated and thoughtful manner. 其中一些协会从事游说活动. We believe that our indirect lobbying activities through these associations are also consistent with a transition to a lower carbon energy system and generally align with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global temperature rise.

例如, one of the trade associations we are a member of advances improved natural gas production practices by working to develop a metric for methane intensity so that such emissions can be measured, 相比, 和减少, which we believe aligns with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global temperature rise.

贸易协会 policies generally reflect a compromise of the membership so at times the policy positions and lobbying activities of these associations may not fully align with Sempra’s positions on a particular issue, including the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global temperature rise, in which case we work to mitigate any risks associated with such misalignment.


  1. 对协会工作人员和主要成员的教育;
  2. Ongoing engagement with the association to try to move consensus positions; and
  3. 如果需要, 反对协会的立场, including not providing formal company participation or endorsement.


We believe that public policy engagement is an important and appropriate role for companies, 只要以合法和透明的方式进行. 在美国.S., 有联邦政府, 状态 and local lobbying registration and disclosure laws with which Sempra and its operating companies comply, and the company has a robust training and reporting program in place to ensure compliance.


i 《太阳2平台》, 2015年通过, is an agreement under which 196 countries agreed to collaborate on long-term strategies focused on financial, technical and capacity-building programs with a 状态d goal to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C, 目标是1.5°C,高于工业化前水平.




Sempra的 董事会, 特别是董事会的安全, 可持续发展及科技委员会, consistent with the Board’s risk management and oversight role and responsibilities, 审查并向管理层提出有关政策的建议, 与环境有关的实践和策略, 气候变化, 可持续发展及其他相关的ESG事宜.

另外, the Board’s Corporate Governance Committee reviews Sempra的 public policy priorities on an annual basis, 包括慈善捐赠, 政治献金和游说活动, which covers a broad array of efforts in support of the company’s overall strategic objectives, 与气候有关及其他.

Procedurally, corporate political spending plans and decisions are reviewed and approved by 高级管理人员.

  1. 每个太阳2娱乐平台州负责政府事务的个人 业务单位 prepare political 贡献 budgets for the local jurisdictions and 状态s where the company has operations.
  2. Those budgets are then reviewed by the 业务单位’ boards of directors and are submitted to Sempra Energy external affairs for review and approval.
  3. 一旦预算敲定, each contribution is reviewed and authorized by a vice president or higher-level officer.
  4. Legal compliance reviews are conducted before 贡献 are made to ensure they comply with applicable laws. Contributions over $100,000 require approval of the most senior external affairs officer.

Sempra has a department dedicated to all aspects of compliance with applicable political laws and reporting obligations. 这个部门, 在法律顾问的协助下, 告知和教育员工, 分析法律遵从性, 监督和沟通法律的变化, and collects disclosure information in a centralized database which is then used to prepare disclosure reports. 培训和外展计划包括以下内容:

  • An online training course required for all external-facing employees, 军官, 律师和董事;
  • In-person and/or webinar training regimen for all new hires and transfers;
  • In-person and/or webinar training for groups identified as having the potential for interface with public officials; and
  • A company intranet site dedicated to political reporting and compliance, 哪个网站有太阳2平台游说的信息, 礼物, 捐款和政治筹款.

Management oversight for corporate political activity and the Sempra Energy Employees’ Political Action Committee resides with the highest-ranking external affairs executive of the company.


太阳2娱乐平台在美国进行企业政治捐款.S. 法律只允许从公司股东的资金中提取. 政治捐款是给候选人的, 政党, 政治行动委员会, and ballot measures in furtherance of public policies that support the company’s business interests.

Sempra does not use company funds to make 贡献 to federal Super PACs or to officeholder accounts, nor does Sempra make independent expenditures to expressly advocate for the election or defeat of federal, 状态, 或者本地候选人.

如果这一切能改变, all changes and updates would be disclosed semi-annually per our commitment to transparency and disclosure. 太阳2平台对联合国的立场.S. 能源政策, 气候变化 or other matters material to the company are detailed in the company’s annual 企业可持续发展报告, where more detailed information is also provided on political involvement. The report is published annually and is available on our website, as are archived 往年的报告.

Sempra严格遵守所有联邦法规, 状态 and local laws as well as reporting requirements governing corporate political 贡献. 联邦法律, 例如, forbids corporations from giving monetary or in-kind 贡献 to candidates for federal office. State and local laws dictate the conditions under which corporate political 贡献 may be made.

符合太阳2平台对道德商业行为的承诺, political spending reflects Sempra的 interests and is not based on the personal interests of any of our individual 军官, 董事或雇员. 此外, 没有预期的捐款, 为了表彰, 或者作为回报, 任何官方行为.


Sempra的 employees take an active role in the political environment through the voluntary Sempra 状态 and federal Employees Political Action Committees (collectively, SEEPAC). SEEPAC独立于任何政党. It is designed to provide the employees of Sempra Energy and its affiliates the ability to make financial 贡献 that can be used to support candidates and participate in the political process.

Our employee political action committee spending plans and decisions are reviewed and approved by the Political Action Committee’s 董事会 and also receive political reporting and compliance clearance before checks are issued.

SEEPAC complies with all reporting requirements governing political action committee 贡献. Employees are prohibited from making political 贡献 from personal funds, 或者通过SEEPAC, 然后向公司申请报销.

贸易协会 & 企业会员

Sempra拥有行业会员资格, trade and business associations representing the energy industry and the business community. Engaging with other business and industry stakeholders helps us gain perspective and views on public policy issues that impact our company, 太阳2平台的股东, 太阳2平台的客户和员工.

While we may not always agree with the positions taken by an association or its members, 团体会员资格使太阳2平台能够了解他人的观点, 获得反馈, 并最终, 表达太阳2平台的关切, perspectives and positions on proposed legislation and regulations in a more educated and thoughtful manner.

请参阅太阳2平台最新的 企业可持续发展报告 了解更多信息, including our analysis of the alignment of certain trade associations in which we are involved with the climate goal set forth in the Paris Agreement, which is to limit the global temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees Celsius with an ambition set at 1.5摄氏度.


Sempra discloses all corporate political 贡献 (状态 and local), 政治委员会捐款, 政党和其他类型的委员会, 包括501(c)(4)和501(c)(6)组织), 和SEEPAC的贡献.

Sempra also discloses payments to other tax-exempt organizations such as business or trade association memberships where the cost of the membership exceeds $20,000 and the recipient organization reports to us that a portion of the fees paid were used for lobbying expenditures or that a portion of the 贡献 is considered non-deductible under Section 162(e)(1)(B) of the IRS. We disclose total fees paid to these organizations as well as the amounts attributable to lobbying expense as reported to Sempra by the associations themselves. Beginning in 2014, we began disclosing this information semi-annually.